A Strong Link Between Teen Depression and Cyberbullying

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In a new review, published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers examined more than 36 studies about the adverse effects of cyberbullying on teen mental health. What they found was a strong link between those cyber-bullied and teen depression. They also found that most cyberbullying instances happened through Facebook, a common social media site. This emphasizes the need for parents to look out for the signs that their child is being cyber-bullied.

Signs your child is being cyber-bullied

According to the review, adolescents that are cyber-bullied often suffer alone and don’t ask for help. This makes it extremely important to know the warning signs so that parents can offer help as soon as possible. A few warning signs of cyberbullying from the National Crime Prevention Council include:

  • Suddenly withdrawn or shy
  • Anxious or stressed
  • Avoidance of using the computer or other electronic devices
  • Abrupt changes in friends
  • School refusal
  • Loss of interest in school
  • Sudden drop in grades

If your child is showing any of these signs, it’s best to make sure they know you’re there to talk without judgement. Making yourself an open and supportive figure will make it easier for your child to come forward about struggles like cyberbullying.

Signs of teen depression

Because of the link between cyberbullying and depression, it’s also important to know the indicators of teen depression. Depression can turn into something life-crippling, which makes treatment a priority if your child is struggling with teen depression. A few signs of teen depression from the U.S. National Library of Medicine include:

  • School avoidance
  • Changes in routine, such as difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Drug/alcohol abuse
  • Loss of interest in activities they usually enjoy
  • More sensitive to criticism
  • Becoming more withdrawn from friends/family

How to get help

If traditional therapeutic techniques aren’t improving your child’s teen depression, Trails Carolina is a viable option. Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program that helps teens, ages 10 to 17, struggling with issues such as teen depression, anxiety, ADHD and many more. At Trails, we use comprehensive, research-based therapeutic techniques to better the lives of troubled adolescents.

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