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For Stability and Purpose , 5 Traits For Teens To Learn

For Stability and Purpose , 5 Traits For Teens To Learn

So much is about perspective. At Trails, teens’ lives change. Whether it’s from a personal discovery on a multi-day trek, a moment when it clicks while working with a therapist, or taking care of a horse, our staff facilitates a both nurturing and challenging environment where teens learn tools that shape their lives and relationship with family-forever.

Huffington Post recently put out an article listing the top 5 teen traits for stability and purpose. Our caring team, alongside our process and location, all nurture these traits so they develop and take shape. With these qualities, teens have the building blocks for a highly gratifying academic, family and life.

5 Traits For Stability and Purpose

  1. Resilience: learning to assert and reassert self even with previous failure
  2. Direction: your teen knowing what they want for a meaningful life
  3. Focus: knowing goals and role in achieving them
  4. Passion: spark that comes from having the space to learn interests
  5. Consideration: learning to focus outside the self

Reuniting with your Teen

When you send your teen to Trails, you may feel nervous. But, when you reunite with your teen a few months down the road, you will understand the life changing impact of the program on your teen and your family. Your teen will learn the above five traits and you can have a stronger family bond.

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