Sing Your Heart Out: Reducing Stress in Teens in a Creative Way

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Methods for reducing stress in teens are becoming more and more needed as school becomes harder and students have to deal with more responsibilities. They need help regulating. A recent study has found a new way to help in reducing stress in teens—singing. Not just any type of singing, though, it has to be singing in a choir. Spring recently published an article discussing the details of the new study.

Just keep singing—together that is

While benefits have been shown from just plain singing to yourself, whether that be in the shower or in the car, this study unveiled an even more beneficial method of singing that helps in reducing stress in teens. In the study, researchers found improvements in stress levels, immune proteins, and mood.

Those that benefited the most? Individuals with high levels of depression and low mental health. So it’s not only improving your child’s mental health, it’s improving their physical health, too.

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Ian Lewis, stated:

“We have been building a body of evidence over the past six years to show that singing in a choir can have a range of social, emotional and psychological benefits, and now we can see it has biological effects too.”

Why it works

A lot of it has to do with community. Singing in a choir builds a sense of support and community within a group of people—which in turn helps in reducing stress in teens. It’s sort of like another family. This is why researchers believe singing in a choir can largely help with depression, stress, and other issues. Though the study focused specifically on the benefits for cancer patients, this information can be utilized on a much broader scale to help with reducing stress in teens across the country.

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