Quiet Time: Meditation’s Ability to Help Struggling Students

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Teachers, researchers, and schools are constantly searching for new ways to help struggling students. Students struggle because of many things: stress, depression, anxiety, life changing events, etc. Recently, The New York Times published an article discussing a poor inner-city school that decided to try a new method of helping their struggling students: mindfulness.

Quiet time can have significant effects

In this school, the principal teamed up with a Wellness Center and came up with the idea of “Quiet Time.” Quiet Time would happen twice a day, during school, for only 15 minutes each. During this time, students could either practice meditation or other quiet activities like reading. Many struggling students in the school were having troubles due to chronic stress or anxiety because of poverty, lack of parental care, fear, and more–but this can apply to any student struggling because of extreme stress, depression, or anxiety.


The type of meditation they chose–transcendental meditation–is a technique used specifically for relieving stress. The results were amazing. Over 3 years, suspensions dropped by a dramatic 79 percent and attendance increased tremendously by 98 percent. For the struggling students at the very bottom with the lowest GPAs, in 3 years their GPAs doubled the overall student population in the school.

More studies have proven the benefits

After the great success of this school, many schools around them adopted Quiet Time. Researchers began studying the effects, trying to pinpoint exactly what would increase with meditation practice. They found that students that meditated slept better, increased in self confidence and happiness, had a higher emotional intelligence, and overall performed better academically. Though meditation can’t solve all of the problems struggling students have, it can greatly benefit them and make it a little easier to excel.

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