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Four Ways Parents Can Identify a Teenage Addiction to Technology

teenage addiction to technology
Teenage addiction to technology is a very real problem that many parents might encounter with their teens. Because technology is so accessible and comparatively less expensive than it was when most parents were teenagers, it is much easier for a teen to develop this type of addiction. While it might not sound as serious as…
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Talking Drugs: Discussing Substance Use with Out of Control Teenagers

out of control teenagers
When is too much, in fact, too much? There are multiple strategies on discussing substance use with out of control teenagers. Some argue that honesty about your own experiences with substances (if such experiences exist) is an important step to connecting with your child. Others argue that discussing your own experiences sends the wrong message…
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Teenage Therapy: Benefits of Choosing Therapy Program for Teens

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There are many types of therapy available for struggling teens. Most approaches, however, have limitations – the most significant one commonly being the fact that very few types of therapy truly care about curing your child. In only too many cases, the therapy is centered around attempting to take a child’s symptoms and making them…
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Healing with Parents: Benefits of Family Therapy to Helping Your Child through their Struggles

benefits of family therapy
A family is a unit with its own communication patterns, relationships, struggles, memories, laughs – and, virtually, anything else that the mind can think of. Ultimately, the family is the first and the strongest connection that a person forms. And, although the quote, “all happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its…
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It’s Fun Until Somebody Gets Hurt: Recognizing the Signs of Teen Alcohol Use

teen alcohol use
11% of all the alcohol consumed in the United States is consumed by those under 21 . The statistic isn’t based on college freshmen either: studies estimate that in the past month, 35% of high school students had some amount of alcohol – with 21% of the students binge drinking. If that wasn’t bad enough,…
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Natural Healing: Benefits of Choosing a Therapeutic Wilderness Program for Your Child

therapeutic wilderness program
There are many types of therapy. Most approaches, however, focus on alleviating the immediate symptoms – and, once the symptoms have been hidden by any means necessary, the person is declared healthy. Unfortunately, the initial cause of the problem is still there, unaltered, waiting for an opportunity to strike. At a therapeutic wilderness program, however,…
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Helping an Anxious Teen Stay Calm

anxiety 1337383 1280 1
Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorder present within the general population. As a teen, having control over your emotions can be difficult, especially if you are an anxious teen. Typical symptoms of an anxious teen include increased worrying, tension, tiredness, and fear. These symptoms in teens often prevent them from living…
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Hidden Reasons for Teen Academic Struggles

teen academic struggles
Your child is suddenly having issues in school. Their grades are plummeting. They won’t speak to you about what’s going on. How do you react to these teen academic struggles? Many parents feel lost at this point–which is understandable. There’s no handbook telling a parent exactly how to deal with these types of situations. You…
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Using the Wild to Find Calm: Wilderness Treatment Centers for Teens

wilderness treatment centers for teens
We have a connection with the wilderness. It’s deep down and sometimes hard to see in our technological world, but we have it. It’s easy to think of the feeling you get when you walk into the wilderness for a hike: calm. It’s something about unplugging and taking a nature walk that allows your brain…
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Plugged-In, Can’t Log-Out: Technology Addiction

technology addiction
As the world becomes more digitally connected, technology addiction continues to become a real issue, especially among teens. Just last year, Pew Research Center released a report of its findings on teen technology usage. Research concluded that 92 percent of teens use the internet daily, which includes 24 percent that say they are online virtually…
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