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Outdoor Therapy Serves as Healthy Outlet for Teens with Behavior Problems

teens with behavior problems

Outdoor Therapy Serves as Healthy Outlet for Teens with Behavior Problems

Outdoor therapy programs take a different approach than boot camps for teens with behavior problems by using nature as a guide to making healthier choices and empowering teens to gain insight into how their actions affect others. As many teens with behavior problems struggle with taking advice from authority figures and lack self-awareness necessary for many types of talk therapy, outdoor therapy is a popular alternative that motivates teens to be more actively engaged in treatment. The outdoor setting of these programs removes many opportunities for teens to act out behaviorally but reveals the underlying mental health struggles that affect their decision-making and focuses on building up their strengths.  

Natural Consequences of Behavior

It can be hard for teens to notice how their behavior affects others unless it also directly impacts them. In a wilderness setting, teens experience the natural consequences of their actions. Rather than trying to reward or punish teens for certain behaviors, nature teaches the most powerful and life-changing lessons. For example, refusing to hike, picking fights with peers can lead to losing daylight hours or lack or group cohesion. Skipping steps when doing chores, like gathering wood for a bonfire, setting up camp, or cleaning food up can lead to natural consequences, like cold food, difficulty sleeping, or attracting animals. Seeing these natural consequences helps teens understand that rules are designed for their own safety and wellbeing, not just for the sake of rules. This helps teens gain an understanding of rules at home and the rewards that come with following them. 

Benefits of Healing Outdoor Environment For Teens With Behavior Problems

Many teens have pent up energy from spending so much time indoors or feeling bored with their daily routine. Spending more time outside gets them out of their comfort zone, but also meets their need for excitement and new experiences. With time away from technology and the stresses of their everyday lives, teens are better able to reflect on their challenges as well as notice subtle changes within themselves. Nature has a way of slowing down thoughts so that teens can become more aware of how they are thinking and feeling from moment to moment and beautiful landscapes offer moments to pause and reflect. At Trails, we transition back and forth between the wilderness and base camp to encourage students to get comfortable with different situations and transitions and to offer experiences in a more traditional setting, like academics, equine therapy, and cabins to sleep in. 

Healthy Social Activities

One reason that teens get into risky activities, like experimenting with substances and sneaking out of the house, is that they are frustrated with unstructured ways of socializing and struggle to connect with others in a meaningful way. For teens who struggle with low self-esteem, low motivation, or trauma, they find it hard to connect with others over shared goals or experiences. This leads to trying to connect with others by making impulsive decisions or by showing that they’ve accepted their future “failures” and don’t care about the consequences of their actions.
Outdoor therapy introduces teens with behavior problems to healthy recreation activities as a way for teens to develop more positive relationships and healthier ways of coping. Even for teens who have had limited experience playing on a sports team or spending time outdoors, they often realize how these activities are not just therapeutic, they are also fun and plan to incorporate outdoor activities as a hobby once they transition home. 

Trails Carolina Can Help

Trails Carolina is one of the nation’s leading wilderness therapy programs for middle school and high school-aged teens that helps teens ages 10-17 who are struggling with behavioral and emotional issues. This program uses adventure-based therapy to help students gain a new sense of self-awareness, confidence, and independence. The skills they learn throughout the wilderness program offer long-term benefits towards their ability to successfully self-navigate in the real world. By removing teens from their fast-paced environment into a safe, nurturing, and peaceful environment, they are able to focus on improving and reflecting upon their behavior.
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