Outdoor Education and Classroom Settings: Academics at Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy

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Is your teen struggling to do well in school? Are behavioral or emotional issues getting in the way of your teen’s performance in the classroom? Choosing the best therapeutic option for your struggling teen can be a long, difficult process. If you’re searching for a program that combines the therapeutic power of nature with an excellent academic program, look no further than Trails Carolina.


Trails Carolina wilderness therapy combines outdoor education and traditional classroom settings

Academic programming at Trails Carolina is unique from other wilderness therapy programs because of a number of reasons. They include:

  1. Traditional learning environment: Unlike a lot of wilderness therapy programs which only offer an educational environment out on expeditions, Trails offers a classroom setting back at base camp.
  2. Academics integrated into therapeutic program: Many academic lessons at Trails are based around topics that relate to a student’s therapeutic progress. For example, during language arts class much of the reading material is based around stories which involve a rite of passage or the hero’s journey.
  3. Experiential learning: During a student’s time in base camp, academic programming goes further than just the classroom. Our science department, run by Science Steve, brings science physically into the classroom. A variety of amphibians and other animals call base camp home which allows for an in person scientific learning experience that would be difficult for students to get elsewhere.
  4. Personalized classroom environment: We cater to each individual student’s specific academic and therapeutic needs in forming an effective academic plan for them. Some students prefer a more experiential learning environment, while others thrive in a traditional classroom setting.
  5. Students can transfer credits back home: One of the major goals of Trails is helping families make smooth transitions back home. As an accredited academic program, we help make the transition back to a traditional middle school or high school setting seamless.

Trails Carolina can help

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for struggling teens, ages 10-17. Our students commonly deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and other behavioral challenges.

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