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In The News: Big Company Addresses Teen Self-Esteem Using Taboo Tool

In The News: Big Company Addresses Teen Self-Esteem Using Taboo Tool

Using a taboo tool with a sour reputation to launch a national campaign toward teens? Leave it to Dove.
Dove uses Snapchat, an app many parents, schools and media outlets associate with teen sexting, to teach girls self-esteem.

Dove Teen Self-Esteem Campaign

When we look at Dove’s empowerment filled advertising history, Dove makes waves with less than conventional and highly powerful campaigns. The first time they started posting “real beauty” ads, shown in high-fashion and glamor magazines, stopped women in their tracks. While controversial for some, many women connected.
For teen “Self-esteem Weekend,” Dove has self-esteem ambassadors who respond to snaps with advice and feedback.
“Our goal was to leverage the ephemeral nature of Snapchat to establish genuine personal connections in a space that feels safe to girls and women. Dove has invited them to share their insecurities via Snaps, and as these Snaps disappear, they can make room for positive thoughts,” says Unilever Marketing Director Jennifer Bremmer.

“We want to speak to them in ways and places that are organic to them,” Ms. Bremmer said. “What made the platform most appealing was the ability to engage with women and girls in a personal, one-to-one manner.”

Underlying Teen Self-Esteem Issues

At the base of many issues we see here at Trails, lies poor self-image and self-esteem. While we use therapists, wilderness activities and a more holistic approach to reach teens, this Dove campaign sparked our interest because Dove calls attention to a fundamental cause for concern on a national level.

Trails Wilderness Program and Teen Self-Esteem

At Trails Carolina, we deal with such an extensive array of teen issues. Teens detach from the internet, music and their everyday habits and triggers. We treat those issues with therapeutic sessions, emphasize family connectedness/reunification, and show teens how to cope with their everyday struggles which will never go away, but can be seen from a different perspective.

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If you would like more information on Trails Carolina Wilderness program, and how your teen can learn to leave behind poor habits, in return for empowerment, please contact us today at 1-800-975-7303 to speak to a highly supportive admissions person.