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Nature Therapy for Teens: An Escape from Technology

Nature Therapy for Teens: An Escape from Technology

In current times it seems as though everyone is behind a piece of technology. From cell phones, to tablets, to laptops and more, it has almost become more common to walk into a room and see screens instead of faces. If you were to introduce these devices to a crowded room of talkative teenagers, the room would turn to a deserted and isolating ghost town in minutes. Younger generations are growing up in a world where their only known reality is that this level of technological usage is normal. How can Nature Therapy help?
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“[Technology] use begins at an early age. About three-quarters of five-year-olds use computers, and over 90 percent of teens (ages 13–17) do so. About 25 percent of five-year-olds use the Internet, and this number rises to over 50 percent by age nine, and to at least 75 percent by ages 15–17.” – NCES

Technology limits world views

If your child is experiencing challenges with emotional, mental or social health issues, how can they ever find the help they need through a screen? They will not be able to find connection, mentorship or a true escape from daily life within the world of technology. Your child will not have the tools to implement personal growth, behavior change, internal and interpersonal skill growth or healing of a family. Nor will they be able to experience a beautiful mountain view, the bubbling sounds of a creek or the joyful feeling of accomplishment at the top of a mountain after climbing a steep slope.
Making an escape from technology and fleeing to the forest could be the solution your child needs for the challenges they might be facing. As organic beings, humans are designed to find peace and healing in an organic setting: being outside is a form of therapy, nature therapy.

“Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear and stress and increases pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, but it also contributes to your physical wellbeing” – University of Minnesota 

Nature therapy heals holistically

Trails Carolina uses the wilderness as a resource for healing through effective and leading nature therapy programs. With age and gender specific programs, groups participate in outdoor expeditions, equine programming, academic support, individual and group therapy and family treatment planning. Nature therapy can allow your child the distance they need from the screens to focus on themselves. Trails Carolina is their path to self-discovery and empowerment.
Call us today, at 800-975-7303, if your teen is struggling with technology and is in need of nature therapy.

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