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A Mixed Bag: Social Media Use In Teens

A Mixed Bag: Social Media Use In Teens

Teens are more connected than ever due to social media. They also have more access to news and other important sources of information, which allows for a variety of educational opportunities.
Being on social media can make teens feel like they are a part of something special and beyond themselves. But it can also be a scary, scary place.

Cons of social media use in teens

Social media has become a hotbed of cyber bullying and can have a negative effect on the mental health of teens. It increases a child’s exposure to harm and can increase their likelihood of developing depression and anxiety.
Even though social media can make a teen feel connected to friends and family, it can also make them feel extremely isolated. FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a real issue amongst teens.
Teens see pictures of their friends hanging out without them on social media, as well as heavily photoshopped images of their peers and celebrities. This can make them feel terrible about themselves.
Social media has also detracted from activities teens could be doing out in the real world. Instead of being on their phones, teens could be out playing sports or hanging out with their friends in person. Have you seen a group of teens recently? Most of them were on their phones instead of having a conversation, right? Social media might be a real threat to the art of conversation because of how addicted teens are to their phones nowadays.
If you believe your teen is addicted to social media and technology, they might need professional help for their struggles.

Trails Carolina can help

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for struggling teens, ages 10-17. Our students commonly deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, and other behavioral challenges.