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Hidden Reasons for Teen Academic Struggles

Hidden Reasons for Teen Academic Struggles

Your child is suddenly having issues in school. Their grades are plummeting. They won’t speak to you about what’s going on. How do you react to these teen academic struggles? Many parents feel lost at this point–which is understandable. There’s no handbook telling a parent exactly how to deal with these types of situations. You may not be able to know what your child is thinking, but you can try to identify what may be causing their sudden challenges with school.

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Common causes of teen academic struggles

Bullying: One in five kids reported being bullied in a study published in 2015, so this is a big possibility. If the teen academic struggles include skipping class often or avoiding school, it could be a sign that they’re being bullied. Especially if your child is coming home with things missing or frequent unexplained injuries. 
Depression: Depression can definitely begin in the teen years, which means it could be the root of your teen academic struggles. If your teen has suddenly become more irritable, is showing signs of low self-esteem, or other sudden changes, it could be depression. About half of those diagnosed with depression also have anxiety. 
Anxiety Disorder: Anxiety tends to first pop up in adolescence. If your child has been acting more worrisome, anxious, or has had other sudden changes in behavior, it could be a sign that their anxiety disorder is beginning to develop.

What can parents do?

Seek out professional help. It’s okay to admit that you can’t do everything as a parent, sometimes it’s important to know when to ask for a helping hand. If your child has persisted in having teen academic struggles, it may be time to do this, before things worsen.

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