Having Fun While Healing: 5 Therapeutic Activities for Teens

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Therapy doesn’t always have to involve a therapist and an individual sitting in a room together discussing the person’s personal issues. Sometimes it involve, fun, therapeutic activities! Therapeutic activities for teens can help teens come out of their shell and learn from their experiences.

Therapeutic activities for teens

Teens crave social interactions, large amounts of activity and feeling successful. These therapeutic activities for teens can help teens meet all of those wants:

therapeutic activities for teens

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  1. Equine therapy: This therapeutic activity gets teens socializing …with horses! Taking care of horses and forming relationships with horses can help teens struggling with anxiety, trauma, depression and ADHD. Horses are extremely expressive creatures and make it obvious when they feel uncomfortable around people. This makes it all the more rewarding when they form a bond with you! For teens, this can be a valuable and rewarding experience.
  2. Camping: Camping out in the wilderness can be extremely therapeutic. It requires learning survival skills such as building a fire, pitching a tent and cooking food without modern appliances. Being out in nature has its own therapeutic benefits. Without the distractions of modern life, teens can learn more about themselves as individuals.
  3. Mountain climbing: Mountain climbing can be therapeutic because it requires an individual to know their own strengths. It also requires a great deal of strategy, which can help teens with problem solving in everyday life.
  4. Painting: Painting can be quite therapeutic because it requires a great amount of concentration. Teens can express their feelings through their artwork and release whatever tension their feeling in the act of painting.
  5. Hiking: Hiking is one of the most effective therapeutic activities for teens. Being out in the wilderness requires teens to know how to survive without the comforts of everyday life. Walking through nature requires one to know what is dangerous and what could potentially save your life if you get lost. The walking one does during hiking releases endorphins that can make teens feel better, as well.

Additional help

If your teen struggles with emotional or behavioral issues, consider sending them to a wilderness therapy program. Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for teens ages 10-17, which offers therapeutic activities for teens in the wilderness.

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