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Family Stress Over Holiday Season Leads to Unhealthy Coping

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Family Stress Over Holiday Season Leads to Unhealthy Coping

For some, the winter holidays are the most wonderful time of year. For others, it brings out their inner Grinch, irritated by the joy other people seem to be experiencing during a period of intense family stress. Teens look forward to unstructured time over winter break, but it often only takes a few days of time off school for arguments to start between family members. With their parents stressed out with buying gifts and planning parties, teens are expected to be involved in more household chores and family activities. If they believe this threatens their freedom, they are more likely to engage in defiant and risky behaviors. 

Identifying Possible Challenges Over Winter Break

When teens are out of school for an extended period of time, it is helpful to have a game plan with clear expectations about how they want to structure their time in order to avoid potential arguments. Many parents notice that their child has been struggling with mental health issues when they spend more time together over winter break.
As your teen may be used to spending most of their week with friends, they may seem isolated at home and spend more time in their room or on their phone than engaging with family. This might be a red flag that they are feeling lonely or hiding something. They may get defensive if you try to set limits on their screen time or video game use and rationalize it as time off. 
While you may have a calendar planned full of social events for the whole family, they may be resistant to join in or protest seeing specific people. These events may bring up social anxiety and fear of personal questions from other adults that they may not know how to answer.
Social events over the holiday season may be tempting for teens who have experimented with alcohol, as it is often available at most parties they attend. Along with potential legal consequences of underage drinking or drinking under the influence, regularly drinking at events over the holiday season can lead to problems breaking the habit in the new year. 

Coping with Holiday Family Stress

Teens are very perceptive and tend to imitate the behaviors of those around them. If they see you stressing out over every little detail about the holidays, they will likely do the same. In order to deal with stress, they turn to ways to escape. Perceived stress relievers for troubled teens include:

  • Disordered eating
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-harm
  • Risky behaviors
  • Video games 
  • Social media

If you are concerned about how family stress is affecting your teen over the holiday season, winter break can be a good time to reach out for professional help! 
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