Encouraging Healthy Eating In Youth: Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

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Anyone with a sweet tooth knows it’s hard to stay away from sugary snacks. They just taste so good! Fortunately for sugar lovers, there is a new app that is hoping to stop cravings once and for all. This new app not only encourages healthy eating in youth, it also may help people lose weight and feel better about themselves overall.

Software promotes healthy eating in youth and adults

Researchers at Drexel University designed a computer game which is intended to improve the inhibitory control of players (their ability to control impulses). So when you smell chocolate chips cookies baking in the oven, this game will help stop you from partaking.

These same researchers are also creating a mobile app that works alongside Weight Watchers to quelch unhealthy urges before they even happen. This app helps track your daily eating patterns, and plans for the times when you slip up and eat something sinful. It tailors personalized strategies to help the user get back on the right track towards healthy eating in youth and adults. No other diet app really gives advice to users, which makes this app unique.

Why more tools to encourage healthy eating are needed

As of 2012, nearly 21 percent of the nation’s teens are obese. That was years ago, so that percentage may be even higher now. Having more apps and games like these can help greatly improve the overall well being of teens everywhere. Physical health and mental health are closely connected. Keeping a healthy diet and staying fit is known to be a key influencer for overall mental health. The saying goes, “healthy bodies, healthy minds”, after all.

For teens especially, who are in a crucial habit-forming stage in their lives, creating healthy eating and exercise patterns now can help them stay physically and mentally healthy long  past their teen years.

Encourage your teen to eat their fruits and vegetables and cook balanced meals for them. A balanced meal can even please those with a sweet tooth!

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