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Music Expression: The Effects of Music on Teen Self Esteem

teen self esteem

Music Expression: The Effects of Music on Teen Self Esteem

teen self esteem
Most parents would (rightly) agree: their child is special. With this, it can be all the more heartbreaking to see your child suffer from a low opinion of themselves. Indeed, how could it be? You see that they’re special – so how could your child not see it? Unfortunately, there is no catch-all cure to boosting teen self esteem. If anything, certain types of comments that parents make with the best of intentions can only exacerbate the problem .
For example, even seemingly positive reinforcement can hurt teen self esteem. In a situation where a child struggles in a class, for instance, it is not enough to simply encourage them to try harder: sitting down with your child to help them study would go much farther.
To a certain degree, though, the effects a parent can have on boosting on teen self esteem are limited. The older a child gets, the more important it is for them to find their own, individual ways of self-expression. This is, in fact, where music can come into play. Listening to a favorite song doesn’t merely feel good; it has been scientifically shown to have multiple benefits for helping teen self esteem.

Discovering Music for Teen Self Esteem

What makes music special to a teen? There are multiple factors that contribute. Aside from targeted music therapy, music has numerous therapeutic qualities. It is a way to unwind after a long day, a friend to turn to, and a beat to exercise to. Moreover, music is a way to come together with others – since music defines a generation, it is distinctly unique and individual to your child. Discovering new music is a journey that mirrors a person’s development.
A song can explore uncomfortable topics and help your child work through problems. Hearing that others have experienced similar issues alleviates feelings of loneliness. Affinity to a band can make a child feel like a part of something bigger and consequently boost teen self esteem. Moreover, participating in the creative process can help your teen express themselves and put their emotions into words.

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