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Dealing with Teenage Rebellion and Defiance

Dealing with Teenage Rebellion and Defiance

It’s normal for teens to push back at their parents, it means they’re growing and learning boundaries and consequences. Although, sometimes this behavior escalates to a point where it gets out of hand and turns into a full blown teenage rebellion. This is when the door slamming, the sneaking out, the mini-bottles you found under their bed, gets to be too great to handle.

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Tips for calming teenage rebellion

A little defiance may be normal, but when it morphs into damaging, dangerous behavior, it’s time to put your foot down and change something. This can be accomplished in many ways, but here are a few to keep in mind:

  1. Keep Calm, Don’t Lose Your Cool: Defiant behavior can drive a parent mad. The constant bickering, eye rolling, and more can take a toll on one’s patience; it’s important to not blow up. Keeping calm and continuing to act respectful makes you the adult–the role model. Stooping to your son or daughter’s level by bickering or yelling back will just make them think that it’s okay.
  2. Include Your Son or Daughter in Deciding Consequences: Bringing your son or daughter into the process of coming up with a consequence for his/her actions can be extremely beneficial. It shows that you respect them and their input, making it easier for them to express how they feel to you.
  3. Notice When They Do Something Right: It can be easy to focus on the annoying, pesky things that your teen does and overlook the things they do right. By noticing and praising them for doing something well, it reinforces the behavior.
  4. It Won’t Happen Immediately: Changing behavior is a process, it takes time. Don’t expect your teen to suddenly halt their teenage rebellion because you had a little progress. You have to change your behavior, too. Be consistent.

Trails Carolina can help

If you’ve been struggling with teenage rebellion and nothing is working, Trails Carolina may be able to help. Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for adolescents (ages 10-17) having issues with depression, anxiety, defiant behavior, and more. With our guidance, your child can work towards their full potential.
For more info about how Trails deals with teenage rebellion, please call 800-975-7303.