Technology Addiction

Breaking Free from Technology Addiction: How Trails Carolina Helps Kids Reconnect with Nature as a Form of Technology Addiction Treatment

Teen girl sits on the floor in her room looking at her smartphone. Get technology addiction treatment.
In an increasingly digital modern world, technology use has become integral to our daily lives. While technology offers numerous benefits and conveniences, the overuse and dependency on smart phones and other digital devices can lead to various negative consequences, including technology addictions, compulsive internet use, and video game obsession. Young people, in particular, are susceptible…
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What Role Does Social Media Play in Behavior Issues?

social media and behavior problems
Social media has an unavoidable impact on how we view ourselves. Excessive use of technology is often associated with a distorted worldview and less time devoted to healthy behaviors. Researchers have spent a lot of time analyzing the effect of social media on teen mental health but are just starting to take a look at…
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Screen Time and ADHD: Limiting Screen Time for Teens Struggling with ADHD

screen time and ADHD
More than half of teens ages 12-17 report trying to take steps to limit their personal screen time and 57% claim their parents have tried to limit their technology use in one way or another. Limiting screen time can be particularly challenging for teens and kids with ADHD due to difficulties with self-monitoring and inattention.…
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How We Help Students with Video Game & Technology Addiction in the Wilderness

Parents of Trails students often convey that video games are becoming a concerning problem in their children’s lives. Often, it’s gotten to the point that the games are more important than the relationships within the family. This is echoed by what we’re seeing in clinical discourse overall. We’ve seen many similarities between an individual’s addiction…
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New Study Suggests Internet Addiction Affects our Brain Chemistry

internet addiction in teens
Many parents are concerned that spending too much time online may take away from the time their kids spend learning in more conventional ways, through reading and face-to-face interactions. Recent research confirms that the internet actually affects our brain’s learning networks. Our brains are conditioned to be attracted to the instant gratification technology delivers. While…
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The Four Downfalls: Negative Effects of Social Media

negative effects of social media
Social media has quickly become an all-consuming part of adolescent’s lives. While it can seem like a fun, harmless place to share photos and interact with others, there is a growing concern of its impacts. New studies are highlighting the negative effects of social media associated with mental health, vulnerability, sleep, and suicide. Negative Effects…
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Treatment for Depression: Smartphones May Be Worsening the Issue

treatment for depression
Smartphones–one is practically in every American teen’s pocket. Nearly 3 in 4 teens own or have access to a smartphone. So, you’re probably thinking: “What does this have to do with treatment for depression?” Well, it seems like smartphones could be linked to causing depression in the first place. We have never experienced the level…
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Video Game Addiction: Devices in the Bedroom Affect Behavior and Health

video game addiction
A 2015 Pew Research Center study found that 84 percent of boys and nearly 60 percent of girls play video games–that was two years ago, so the numbers are probably higher now. Now, not every teen who plays video games is going to develop a video game addiction, but it’s becoming clear that it’s not…
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Four Ways Parents Can Identify a Teenage Addiction to Technology

teenage addiction to technology
Teenage addiction to technology is a very real problem that many parents might encounter with their teens. Because technology is so accessible and comparatively less expensive than it was when most parents were teenagers, it is much easier for a teen to develop this type of addiction. While it might not sound as serious as…
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Plugged-In, Can’t Log-Out: Technology Addiction

technology addiction
As the world becomes more digitally connected, technology addiction continues to become a real issue, especially among teens. Just last year, Pew Research Center released a report of its findings on teen technology usage. Research concluded that 92 percent of teens use the internet daily, which includes 24 percent that say they are online virtually…
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