Hidden Reasons for Teen Academic Struggles

teen academic struggles

Your child is suddenly having issues in school. Their grades are plummeting. They won’t speak to you about what’s going on. How do you react to these teen academic struggles? Many parents feel lost at this point–which is understandable. There’s no handbook telling a parent exactly how to deal with these types of situations. You…

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School’s Out: Truancy in Teens

truancy in teens

Perhaps the greatest misconception about missing school is that all cases are the same. In reality, there are many reasons why a child would not want to go to class – the two main offenders being school refusal and truancy in teens. School refusal and truancy are entirely different beasts; the first step to ensuring…

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Dealing with Teenage Rebellion and Defiance

teenage rebellion

It’s normal for teens to push back at their parents, it means they’re growing and learning boundaries and consequences. Although, sometimes this behavior escalates to a point where it gets out of hand and turns into a full blown teenage rebellion. This is when the door slamming, the sneaking out, the mini-bottles you found under their…

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