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In this day and age, it is impossible to deny a simple truth: animals are taking over the world with cuteness. Be it cat videos or the Puppy Bowl, when animals enter the picture, everything else seems to fade away. But what if this adorable fuzziness could be used to heal various types of trauma? Enter animal therapy. When many people think of animal therapy, they

Perhaps the greatest misconception about missing school is that all cases are the same. In reality, there are many reasons why a child would not want to go to class – the two main offenders being school refusal and truancy in teens. School refusal and truancy are entirely different beasts; the first step to ensuring your child attends school like they’re supposed to is, not

It’s normal for teens to push back at their parents, it means they’re growing and learning boundaries and consequences. Although, sometimes this behavior escalates to a point where it gets out of hand and turns into a full blown teenage rebellion. This is when the door slamming, the sneaking out, the mini-bottles you found under their bed, gets to be too great to handle. Tips for calming

While mental illness is never easy, bipolar disorder in teens can hit especially hard As if puberty alone enough, a child struggling with bipolar disorder must deal with the pressures of severe mood episodes, from depression one moment to mania the next. During such an important phase in your teen’s life, it is crucial to help them through this difficult time. Living Bipolar First, the bad news:

When young children are neglected in their earliest relationships, usually with their parents, they can form attachment issues. These issues stem from feeling repeatedly abandoned, isolated, and uncared for. Often, this comes as the result of living in poor conditions at a young age. Many children who have been adopted from foreign countries where they have been mistreated and placed in orphanages develop attachment issues.