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      Attachment Issues

      teens cope with anxiety

      Attachment Style Predicts How Teens Cope with Anxiety

      Anxiety looks different for everyone that experiences it. While it may be one of the most common and most talked about mental health struggles among teenagers, not everyone responds to anxiety treatment in the same way.  Recognizing how attachment styles are influenced by anxiety and vice versa helps loved ones and professionals identify more effective…

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      teens with attachment issues

      Trails Carolina Primary Therapist Discusses Helping Teens with Attachment Issues

      Difficulties with attachment are a common issue amongst individuals who have been adopted or who struggled with abuse or neglect in their early childhood. Teens with attachment issues often struggle with establishing boundaries and may not understand how to build meaningful relationships with others. At Trails Carolina, we work closely with students who struggle with…

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      Establishing Close Bonds: Trails Therapist Discusses Work With Teens Struggling with Attachment Issues

      Adoption is one of the most emotional, joyful experiences some parents will ever experience. However, if your adopted child is struggling with attachment issues related to their childhood experiences, it can feel very difficult to establish the close parent-child bond you’ve been yearning for.  Young people struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges related to adoption…

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