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10 Ways Trails Carolina’s Summer Programs Empower At-Risk Students to be Successful in the Next School Year

child has been suspended from school
As the school year comes to a close and summer approaches, many parents may be concerned that being out of the classroom for three months might put their child at risk of falling further behind. If your child is in danger of failing academically, or if they struggle with school refusal, truancy, school-based disciplinary problems,…
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Helping At-Risk Youth Overcome Challenges Through Nature-Based Interventions

A man with a striped flannel tied around his waist carries a camping pack and bed roll down forest trail at golden hour.
In a world filled with concrete jungles and digital distractions, struggling kids and teens often find themselves trapped in a cycle of limiting beliefs, unhealthy behaviors, and challenging roadblocks that can put their mental health, school performance, and future well-being at risk. But what if there was a way to break this cycle and unleash…
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The Impact Of Family Involvement on At-Risk Youth

The impact of family involvement in at-risk youth programs: family engages in communication activity outdoors.
At-risk youth programs are designed to help young people who are struggling with a variety of issues, including behavioral problems, risk behaviors such as self-harm and substance abuse, and mental health issues. Family involvement in these programs is critical to the success of the child’s treatment and long-term recovery. When families are actively involved in…
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Finding Hope and Motivation: Real Stories of Success from Trails Carolina’s Programs for At-Risk Youth

A close-up portrait of a boy outside. He has brown hair and eyes and smiles slightly as he looks off in front of him.
At Trails Carolina, we believe that all at-risk youth have the ability to turn their lives around and reach their full potential. We are proud to share that our therapeutic wilderness program has helped many struggling teens overcome challenges and find long-lasting success in their personal and academic lives. Some of our alumni students have…
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7 Tips For Building Trust and Positive Relationships When Working with At-Risk Youth

wilderness program staff and student
We recognize that building authentic, positive relationships with the at-risk youth we serve is key to helping them feel safe and supported, overcome their challenges, and thrive. Trust and connection are essential components of building positive relationships with at-risk kids and teens, whether you are their parent, sports coach, school teacher, therapist, another mental health…
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