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The Benefits of Yoga for Teens Far Surpass Physical Wellness

benefits of yoga for teens

The Benefits of Yoga for Teens Far Surpass Physical Wellness

It’s been known that the benefits of yoga for teens are plentiful and powerful for centuries–but only recently have we begun to find the scientific reason behind it all. In the modern world, it’s been thought that yoga was a great way to stay fit, but it’s much more than that.
Research is revealing that the benefits of yoga for teens include improving mental health as well as physical health. While yoga alone cannot “fix” depression or anxiety, it seems that it can certainly work alongside other treatments positively.

How benefits of yoga for teens improve mental health

While as a society we tend to focus solely on physical health, mental health plays just as large of a role in wellness. Our mind and body are unquestionably linked. If one is ignored, the other cannot thrive and reach its full potential.
The benefits of yoga for teens help maintain both sides.
In a recent study by Frontiers, researchers delved into what the exact benefits of yoga were on the body and mind. They found that over the course of a 3-month yoga retreat, participants’ anxiety and depression decreased, while their mindfulness increased.
They also discovered improvements in a neuromodulator which largely helps with “learning, memory and the regulation of complex processes such as inflammation, immunity, mood regulation, stress response and metabolism.”
Another important benefit was increased resilience–this is an essential aspect of life because it helps you process and work through adversity when it comes your way.
Overall, the study shows promising results, but more research (of course) has to be done in order to truly confirm the full benefits of yoga for teens on the body and mind.

Yoga isn’t a “cure-all”

When these studies are released, many people jump to the conclusion that this negates the need for other treatments, such as anxiety medication–but that’s very wrong.
Yoga is a wonderful way to practice everyday stress and mood regulation, but it’s certainly not something that can be a stand-alone treatment for a serious mental health issue. By combining the benefits of yoga for teens with other tactics, the outcomes can be improved, though.
If you believe your son or daughter is struggling with a mental health issue, it’s critical to reach out to a professional for guidance.

Trails Carolina is here for your family

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