Beating the Uphill Battle: How to Help Your Struggling Teen Make and Keep Teen New Year Resolutions

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Getting any teenager to make New Year resolutions can feel like an uphill battle. Trying to encourage your struggling teen to make New Year resolutions can feel impossible. But making and achieving goals is a great way to show your teen, especially one who is struggling with self-esteem, peer pressure, or more serious issues, that they are capable of great things. Here are some suggestions for teen New Year resolutions and how to help you teen make and keep them:

Teen New Year Resolutions

These are just suggestions, so as you discuss with your teen what resolutions to make, look for something that is specific to your needs:

  • I resolve to believe in myself.
  • I resolve to do my schoolwork on the day it is assigned, rather than right before it is due.
  • I resolve to be clearer and calmer in my communications.
  • I resolve to spend more time with my family doing something fun and/or educational.
  • I resolve to find one thing that I really love to do and do it a little bit each day.
  • I resolve to find three things I am thankful for every single day.
teen New Year resolutions

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How to Encourage Teen New Year Resolutions

It is not enough, of course, to just make a resolution. Teen New Year resolutions will require encouragement from the parents. In order to help your teen keep up with their resolutions, it is probably a good idea to help them choose just one goal. Too many resolutions makes the entire process too difficult. Help them choose something that they are actually likely to want to do and then help them keep track of it.

In order to make the goal achievable, sit down with your teen and start planning out their teen New Year resolutions. This does not have to be a long or time consuming process, but you can help them actually reach their goal by planning out actionable steps that they can take. While you don’t want to nag, friendly reminders or actively participating in their goal will also help your teen along towards his goal, especially if his goal requires the participation or support of the family.

Setting and achieving goals, especially at the New Year, can help a struggling teen understand their worth and lay the foundation for setting and achieving bigger, more significant goals down the line.

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