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Author: Francis Van De Beuken

When parents divorce, home life can become tumultuous, strange and extremely difficult to deal with, especially for teenagers who feel as if they have lost their sense of “family” while having to balancing the personal, social and academic aspects of their lives. Dealing with divorced parents can drastically change a teen's mental health and social behavior.   Effects of Divorce on Teens "Older teenagers can look back and

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Fear, though unpleasant at times, is powerful. When we are threatened, whether the threat is real or perceived, our body is ready to respond. The brain instructs the body to increase blood flow, escalate heart rate and calculate an exit strategy. Fear can take control of one’s life, especially for troubled youth with low

Just as timeouts are necessary in a basketball game, so the coach can communicate and inspire his team, parents should be calling for family meetings to improve family relationships. In our busy, technological world, it is easy for families to find themselves detached from each other. Taking the time for family meetings can bring your family closer and maintain healthy relationships. “Family meetings are about nourishing

Most teen therapy programs recognize the need for family involvement. In order to ensure future success for your teen, you must create a new environment, improve communication and build mutual respect. Trails Carolina goes deeper than most other teen therapy programs. Besides weekly calls and graduation weekends, which most residential programs have, Trails Carolina also offers a very unique family camp program. Your child’s long-term success

Communication is absolutely vital when you are part of a team and even more critical within your family. We are constantly told that communication leads to a healthy marriage, but that emphasis applies between children and the entire family too. The Best Wilderness Therapy Programs Bring Family Together Communication often shuts down with troubled teenagers, as they desire to not let you in to their lives and