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A New Way of Thinking: Mindfulness in Teens

A New Way of Thinking: Mindfulness in Teens

Have you ever taken a 10 minutes to close your eyes, sit completely still, and really check in with yourself? Probably not. The benefits of practicing mindfulness in teens are considerable and immense, yet it’s hardly mentioned in daily life. It’s time that it started being mentioned, though.

mindfulness in teens

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In today’s world, teens are faced with large amounts of stress from hormones, homework, exams, and not to mention tons of drama; they desperately need an outlet that’ll help them calm down and mindfulness in teens may be the answer.

Ways practicing mindfulness can benefit your teen

Memory Improvement: Teenagers nowadays have to remember loads of information; everything from homework, presentations, tests, when to meet up with their friends is crammed into that already stressed out brain. Mindfulness training has been shown to improve the working memory, making it easier for students to process and absorb information.
Stress Relief: Ask any teenager in highschool, they’re stressed out of their mind, making this a priority. Many studies have proven that practicing mindfulness in teens has the ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 
Reining in Emotions: Teenagers have the rep of being emotionally unstable, it’s just part of being that age, but wouldn’t it be great to rein in those emotions just a little? Practicing mindfulness in teens for 10 minutes a day has been shown to give them the ability to control their emotions more fully.
The Power of Reflection: It’s easy to lose touch with how you’re really feeling inside when there are so many wonderful distractions about, but often those feelings eventually manifest in an unhealthy way. Practicing mindfulness in teens gives students the ability to work through and comprehend how they’re feeling. 

Trails Carolina and mindfulness 

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program for struggling teens, ages 10-17. We use comprehensive therapeutic techniques and a healthy environment to encourage our students to look within themselves and gain a new mindfulness inside.
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