30 Minutes a Day: Health Benefits of Nature

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In today’s society, the cure for mental or physical health is typically found in a prescription or medication. We often rely so much on the vast range of therapeutic tools and techniques, that we forget about the generally accessible resource that has a multitude of mental, emotional and cognitive benefits. The health benefits of nature can be found, generally, all around us. Nature is cost free to anyone willing to experience the great outdoors. Research has shown that there are multiple health benefits of nature that have been found for generations. A recent article by Psychiatry Advisor states that spending just 30 minute a day could significant increase health.

How Do You Benefit?

The health benefits of nature are linked to reduced levels of stress, depression and anxiety, increased resilience, engagement with learning for children and adolescents, improved self-esteem and increased capacity to engage socially. As people become less engaged with nature, the risks of physical and mental health issues increases.

A Simple Process

Individuals do not need to go on long, enduring outdoor adventures to experience the health benefits of nature. Activities like walking through parks, gardens, or nature reserves can produce the same benefits. Simply taking 30 minutes of your day to experience the outdoors can be greatly beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

Medical News Today states that “If everyone visited their local parks for half an hour each week there would be seven percent fewer cases of depression and nine percent fewer cases of high blood pressure.”

Lack of Outdoors

The majority of people do not spend anywhere near half an hour of time outside a day. Many are cooped up in their office, home or car. Health benefits of nature can be seen from taking a break to go outside during work. Walking outside could boost creativity, energy and alertness in the office.

It is important that we begin to encourage community activities in natural spaces. Developing healthy outdoor activities for kids is especially important. If youth can establish healthy habits of being outdoors, it could significantly reduce their risks of developing mental and physical health issues later on in life.

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