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      November 2020

      marijuana and teens

      How To Talk To Your Child About Substance Use

      There are many life talks that parents need to have with their teens, and substance abuse is one of the big ones. It is important for teens to understand the real risks and consequences of drug use. Teens are at the threshold of adulthood. Not children anymore, but not adults either. They crave independence and…

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      pandemic for kids

      How Does the Pandemic Affect Teens

      COVID-19 has radically changed day to day life for people around the world. Beyond just fears of becoming ill, or having a loved one become ill, teens are also feeling the negative effects of this pandemic on many levels.  Loneliness and isolation: As cities across the world headed into lockdown or stay at home orders,…

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      why is my teen so angry

      Anger Issues in Teens: How to Help Your Child

      Teenagers have a reputation for being angry and irritable, and while anger can be a messy or even frightening emotion, that doesn’t mean we don’t want teens to feel it. It is important for teens to experience a full spectrum of emotions in a healthy way. When that anger is being expressed in unhealthy ways,…

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      group therapy for girls

      How Group Therapy Can Help Young Girls Process Trauma

      Individual therapy is a wonderful tool for helping teenagers overcome their fears, improve their moods, and explore their feelings. But sometimes individual therapy is only one component in an effective treatment plan. For young girls dealing with a traumatic event in their past, group therapy can provide therapists with the rare opportunity to see how…

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