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      June 2019

      internet addiction in teens

      New Study Suggests Internet Addiction Affects our Brain Chemistry

      Many parents are concerned that spending too much time online may take away from the time their kids spend learning in more conventional ways, through reading and face-to-face interactions. Recent research confirms that the internet actually affects our brain’s learning networks. Our brains are conditioned to be attracted to the instant gratification technology delivers. While…

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      negative effects of social media

      The Four Downfalls: Negative Effects of Social Media

      Social media has quickly become an all-consuming part of adolescent’s lives. While it can seem like a fun, harmless place to share photos and interact with others, there is a growing concern of its impacts. New studies are highlighting the negative effects of social media associated with mental health, vulnerability, sleep, and suicide. Negative Effects…

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      child has been suspended from school

      What to Do When Your Child Has Been Suspended from School

      Finding out that your child has been suspended from school can be difficult for any parent to hear, especially if it’s not their first time. Every school has a different system when it comes to what kind of behavior warrants suspension and what suspension will look like. Some schools may offer strikes or offer clean…

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