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      May 2019

      Anxiety in Teens with Autism

      Recognizing Anxiety in Teens with Autism

      Recognizing anxiety in teens with autism is important in getting them the help they need. First, you should educate yourself on the information research has found on the link between anxiety and autism. Here are some ways in which anxiety arises in teens with autism: Specific phobia: a specific phobia, namely an intense, irrational fear…

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      reducing stress in teens

      Reducing Stress in Teens: Benefits Of Green Spaces

      A new study shows that being outdoors can contribute to reducing stress in teens. The psychological benefits of being around green spaces, in general, are receiving growing attention from scientists. Similarly, there is some evidence that exercising in natural environments, as opposed to indoors, improves mental well-being. As a parent you should encourage your teen…

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      risk factors for depression and anxiety in teens

      New Study Reveals Effect of Healthy Lifestyle Risk Factors for Depression and Anxiety in Teens

      Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues and are often co-occurring. While they are both neurological conditions that are influenced by family history, a new study looking at behavioral risk factors of depression and anxiety in teens found that obesity, limited physical activity, and an unhealthy diet are correlated with higher rates…

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