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      May 2017

      video game addiction

      Primary Therapists at Trails Explain How Wilderness Therapy Helps Technology Addiction

      Technology addiction is a widespread issue affecting teens all over the world. It is impossible to remove ourselves completely from technology in today’s society. The overuse of technology by adolescents can lead to all sorts of challenges including low self esteem, a lack of social skills, and irritable behavior. Wilderness Therapy Addresses Underlying Challenges At…

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      The Art of De-Catastrophization: Managing Worst Case Scenario Thinking

      Just How Stressed is My Teen? From hurdling issues at home to maintaining friendships and anticipating college applications, teens today cope with a substantial amount of stress and anxiety.  Even more unsettling, a recent American Psychological Association study found that most teens greatly underestimate how stress impacts their physical and mental health, despite their reported…

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