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October 2016

Using nature as a source for healing has been in practice since before recorded history--but now we have actual researched, scientific evidence to support it. Recently, a Japanese practice from the 1980s that utilizes nature has caught popularity in not just Japan, but several other countries--and as a wilderness treatment program, we like to stay up to date and aware of any new methods that

Teenagers are a volatile and hormonal bunch--it’s normal for a teen to be angsty, right? While teen angst is relatively normal, it can be difficult for a parent to discern between regular angst and real signs of mental health issues, like oppositional defiant disorder. You’re not alone in your confusion, many parents find it hard to identify and read the signs--often because they don’t know

October is National Bullying Awareness Month. What is bullying? says: “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance.” Social media and technology are making it easier for teens to bullying one another from behind a keyboard, so it’s no wonder that parents and educators are concerned. When it feels like bullying is everywhere, how can we

Transgender teens are in the midst of a volatile and violent time in America. With bathroom laws and arguments about their “validity,” they can start to feel isolated and alone--but one TV show decided to help make a stand recently. Modern Family invited transgender child actor Jackson Millarker to star in an episode. Millarker will be known as the first transgender child actor to appear

Many of our world leaders and role models have been speaking out about the issues with the stigma of mental illness in youth and adults. The Royal Family has been traveling around the globe urging people to seek help and break the stigma. The Royal Family is not the only one fighting to eliminate the issues with mental health, First Lady Michelle Obama was interviewed

Substance abuse has been an issue within our society for decades. Due to this, the issues of substance abuse have begun to affect individuals earlier in life. Youth substance abuse has become an increased issue today. A recent article by New York Times discussed new research that is driving to develop prevention programs to help youth substance abuse. New Research is Developing Preventative Program The program is

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