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September 2016

Nature Therapy: An Untapped Medicine Surrounding Us

More and more studies are coming out in support of nature therapy. This is good news because nature happens to be all around us–the park, in your backyard, or on that relaxing hike you love so much. PsyBlog recently published an article discussing the immense research showing the many benefits nature therapy has to offer…

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Video Game Addiction in Teens : Effects on the Teen Brain

Most parents are used to seeing glowing screens as they walk by their teenager’s room. Whether it’s checking Facebook in the morning or playing Call of Duty late into the night, our children’s brains are being constantly stimulated by these devices. Research shows that teens are spending up to eight hours on electronic devices every…

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Why Therapeutic Wilderness Programs Work For Struggling Teens

It’s  widely known that being out in nature has a variety of healing effects. Have you ever been upset or angry and decided to go on a walk outside to calm down? If so, you have experienced firsthand the powerful medicine that is being out in the outdoors. Therapeutic wilderness programs use the powerful healing…

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Teen Mistakes & Why They’re Important for Development

As parents, we often feel as if we must shield our children from the pain of failing and making mistakes–but this within itself is a mistake. Teen mistakes are a critical part of developing into a capable young adult. Learning that mistakes are just a part of life and how to cope with them is…

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Sing Your Heart Out: Reducing Stress in Teens in a Creative Way

Methods for reducing stress in teens are becoming more and more needed as school becomes harder and students have to deal with more responsibilities. They need help regulating. A recent study has found a new way to help in reducing stress in teens—singing. Not just any type of singing, though, it has to be singing…

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What DNA Can Tell Us About Depression in Teenagers

Depression in teenagers is treatable, but there is still so much we don’t understand about it. Every nugget of research or new information is important in paving the way towards better and more efficient treatment for those suffering from depression in teenagers. Recently, ATTN: published an article discussing a new way of identifying mental illness–specifically…

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Selena Gomez Sets Example: Depression & Anxiety Symptoms in Teens

When people struggle with depression and/or anxiety symptoms in teens or adolescence (or even adulthood), a large amount of the time they don’t seek out support or treatment. This is because of the strong stigma that’s attached to mental health issues in our society, which is why it’s so important for public figures to speak…

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