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July 2016

As a teen, you’re constantly trying to discover who you are. Developing self-identity can be extremely difficult, and many people struggle with it into adulthood. In the past the process of developing self identity was a personal one, but in today’s culture were constantly throwing our understanding of our identity out onto media platforms for everyone to see. Selfies, Facebook pics and stories, tweets, and

For many teens, being organized can be difficult. You’re still discovering your fashion identity, and with that usually includes clothing scattered around your room. Many of us also hold attachments to certain objects that represent an experience or person we hold dear to us. As we go through multiple experiences throughout life, the objects we acquire also begin to pile up. A recent article by

“Why do people want to hurt us?” Many kids and teens are either thinking or asking this recently. Of course adults are talking about the recent violence in the news: mass shootings in the US and terrorist attacks abroad. As a result, children and teens either overhear, read, or see information about the violence. This can cause a higher level of stress in teens than normal,

Teens are under a greater amount of pressure today than in previous years. This added stress and anxiety is creating an increase in issues with teens mental health and wellbeing. Many of these issues are rooted from teens inability to focus, due to the added stress and worry about present situations. A recent article by Psych Central states that teen meditation is an effective solution

Teen stress--especially when on a traumatic level--can lead to serious issues like an anxiety disorder, depression, or even a higher chance of heart disease. In a new study, reported on by The Atlantic, researchers found that though some individuals are more prone to developing issues from high levels of adult and teen stress, through therapy they have a chance of overcoming it. What was in the

A kids health is every parent’s top priority--but sometimes it can be hard to get them to become as healthy as they can be when they won’t eat vegetables. This is a common issue among parents, but there may be hope. The New York Times recently reported on a new study that looked into ways to effectively get kids to eat vegetables. The best way? Marketing

Everyone can relate to feeling anxious before giving a presentation or participating in class. But those with social anxiety disorder experience a much greater fear of being judged and negatively evaluated by their peers. Social Anxiety in teens makes it incredibly hard for them to live a normal and healthy life. Social anxiety is the third most common psychological disorder and thirteen percent of people

Teens are more connected than ever due to social media. They also have more access to news and other important sources of information, which allows for a variety of educational opportunities. Being on social media can make teens feel like they are a part of something special and beyond themselves. But it can also be a scary, scary place. Cons of social media use in teens Social media

Exercise can not only be used for physical health benefits but also mental health benefits. Regardless of age or fitness level, studies have shown that making time for exercise provides an abundance of mental benefits. As a teen, developing healthy brain function and mental health is essential. The health benefits of exercise in teens can eliminate the potential risk of mental illness, stress, poor self-confidence,