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June 2016

The 4th of July has so much to offer: family cookouts, spectacular fireworks, bonding time with friends--and teenage drinking. It’s been proven that July 4th is one of the most dangerous and reckless times for teenagers--mostly because of alcohol. Sorry if you want to be the “cool” parent, but sitting your child down and rattling off some teen safety tips can do a lot for

When you think of puberty for girls, what comes to mind? Training bras, middle school, and a whole lot of awkward. But most people don’t imagine puberty happening in most girls beginning in the middle of elementary school. Unfortunately, according to a recent longitudinal study, that has become reality. What was the study? According to an article in The Atlantic, Louise Greenspan, a pediatric endocrinologist, and a team of

Diet and Depression: What You Consume May Be Causing Depression In today’s culture, we’ll do anything to eliminate calorie and sugar intake. Most food and drinks have ingredient substitutes in them to make them “healthier.” They taste exactly the same but include none of the regrets. There are now diet versions of almost every product. Diet soda, fat free dairy and calorie reduced breads. But what

In today’s society, the cure for mental or physical health is typically found in a prescription or medication. We often rely so much on the vast range of therapeutic tools and techniques, that we forget about the generally accessible resource that has a multitude of mental, emotional and cognitive benefits. The health benefits of nature can be found, generally, all around us. Nature is cost

CNN recently published an article discussing how Facebook started off as a social media site for mainly young people, but how all of that has changed now. The teens and social media dynamic changes quickly and often, so it’s important for parents to keep up with the changes in order to make sure their teens are using the platforms safely. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more

Mindfulness. Usually when people hear that word, they immediately think of silent, still meditation. This isn’t all that mindfulness has to offer, though. Mindfulness for teens, adults, or anyone of any age has an immense amount of benefits and can be practiced in many different ways! There are many myths surrounding mindfulness that it’s obscuring the potential benefits of mindfulness for teens and others. Psychology

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows it’s hard to stay away from sugary snacks. They just taste so good! Fortunately for sugar lovers, there is a new app that is hoping to stop cravings once and for all. This new app not only encourages healthy eating in youth, it also may help people lose weight and feel better about themselves overall. Software promotes healthy eating in

Telling Boys Not to Cry Could Be Creating Emotional Issues in Boys For generations society has established set gender stereotypes for boys and girls. Girls are taught that they are expected to be emotional, dependent, and nurturing. While boys are taught to be tough, independent, and unattached from their emotions. But how are these expected stereotypes affecting girls and boys emotionally? Research suggests that teaching boys

Michael Phelps is back in the game. He’s going to his fifth round of Olympic Games, which he qualified for by dominating the 200-meter butterfly--a feat he called the hardest swim of his life. Phelps will be the first American male to attend five Olympics. This win was not just a victory in the pool, it was a metaphorical victory over his own personal struggles. Phelps

Teachers, researchers, and schools are constantly searching for new ways to help struggling students. Students struggle because of many things: stress, depression, anxiety, life changing events, etc. Recently, The New York Times published an article discussing a poor inner-city school that decided to try a new method of helping their struggling students: mindfulness. Quiet time can have significant effects In this school, the principal teamed up with