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      January 2016

      Healing In Nature: Five Benefits of Wilderness Therapy Programs

      It’s official: wilderness therapy is one of the most unique, effective forms of therapy. Why you might ask? It’s blend of experiential therapy, adventure therapy, and traditional forms of therapy creates many opportunities for personal growth and success. The benefits of wilderness therapy programs are numerous. What are some of the benefits of wilderness therapy…

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      Developing Healthy Teen Relationships

      The types of friends your teen chooses to have can greatly impact their future. Toxic relationships can negatively affect decision making, slow social development, and increase risky behavior. A healthy relationship can empower your teen with feelings of belongingness, confidence, and even reduce stress. This is why it’s important to identify the aspects of a healthy relationship…

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      Does Your Teen Have a Video Game Addiction?

      Video games are now ingrained into our society, used by children, teens, and adults alike. Video games can be a fun, interesting way to pass the time, but where’s the line? This activity can transform from being a harmless pastime into something much more dangerous: a video game addiction. Photo source: flickr user Jason Devaun…

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