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October 2015

Music has an incredible amount of influence over our emotions. For adolescents, who spend a good amount of their time mulling over teen issues like crushes, grades, and peer relationships, music provides a place to escape from the hecticness of everyday life. Recently, researchers have discovered that music can have both positive and negative influences on teen mental health. It just depends on the genre and “mood”

Think of teenagers as butterflies in cocoons. The only difference between them and metamorphosing creatures is that they have to display their transformation in front of the whole world, without the protection of a warm hiding place. For some teenagers, this is the time when teenage depression begins to rear its ugly face. Teenage depression is something everyone knows about, but there are a few

This blog post was written by Eric Janoski, a member of the Trails Carolina substance abuse treatment staff, on the topic of CC Sabathia and the stigma of substance abuse. CC Sabathia, pitcher for the New York Yankee’s announced yesterday that he was entering an alcohol treatment center and will miss the playoffs. In a statement released by the Yankees he wrote, “Today I am checking

Teenagers are naturally equipped with the art of manipulating their parents to cover their mess and get what they want. However, it is crucial to the overall health of the family and your teen to be on guard to a manipulative teen. Signs of a manipulative teen Many experts agree that a manipulative teen manipulates their parents to gain their love and attention, cover their mistakes, and