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August 2015

In today’s culture, marijuana use by teens is pretty widespread and well known to mainstream culture. It’s a dangerous drug because of the effect it can have on teen brains. However, nowadays, there’s a profoundly dangerous drug camouflaging as marijuana’s cousin: synthetic marijuana. This new drug in town goes by the name of “Spice”, K2, and fake weed, and many more. Unlike marijuana, synthetic marijuana

In every school, there are a few notoriously “bad” kids. These young people are defiant to authority figures like teachers and administrators, and act out at home, too. But some of these kids can’t help their insubordination. Oppositional defiant disorder in teens is a pattern of irritability and defiant, insubordinate behavior that lasts at least six months. Oppositional defiant disorder in teens can wreak havoc on

At a party, you’re talking with a friend about what’s going on in their life. Suddenly, their tone becomes hushed and they say, “I’ve gone to see a therapist recently for the problem I’m having.” Why did your friend feel the need to talk about going to see a therapist in hushed tones? Probably because there’s a stigma in mental health. Seeing a therapist automatically means