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    October 2014

    In The News: Big Company Addresses Teen Self-Esteem Using Taboo Tool

    Using a taboo tool with a sour reputation to launch a national campaign toward teens? Leave it to Dove. Dove uses Snapchat, an app many parents, schools and media outlets associate with teen sexting, to teach girls self-esteem. Dove Teen Self-Esteem Campaign When we look at Dove’s empowerment filled advertising history, Dove makes waves with…

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    Wilderness Therapy: Burn to learn, feel better, and thrive

    A Wilderness Therapy Program’s Affect On Teen Perspective and Well-being When students arrive in wilderness therapy they begin a process of discovery about who they are and what they are capable of. Their bodies begin to align with the cycle of the sun leading to improved amounts and quality of sleep. They begin to eat…

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    Teenagers with Depression Learn Coping Strategies Through Wilderness Therapy

    If your teen has lost desire to hang out with friends, has difficulty concentrating or remembering, loses appetite, or can’t seem to go to sleep at night, you may write it off as normal teenage behavior. However, if these or other anti-social behaviors continue for any length of time, it may indicate a more serious issue. Teenagers with depression are often times categorized as “just going through changes” or being “overly hormonal,” but when the sadness and retraction do not go away within a few weeks, it is more likely your teenager is suffering from depression and may not know how to cope.

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    The Best Wilderness Therapy Programs Focus on Family Communication

    Communication is absolutely vital when you are part of a team and even more critical within your family. We are constantly told that communication leads to a healthy marriage, but that emphasis applies between children and the entire family too. The Best Wilderness Therapy Programs Bring Family Together Communication often shuts down with troubled teenagers,…

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