Berto’s Success Story

Learn About How Trails Carolina Has Helped Berto

Berto is a 13 year who came to Trails Carolina in the Spring of 2015 because he was struggling with anger and respect towards his parents.

Elaborating further, Berto commented, “I had some anger issues. I wasn’t communicating with my family very well, I was really rude.”

Through his time at Trails, Berto has been able to grow in a wilderness setting, and help to correct some of the problems he was struggling with. “Being out in the wilderness has really helped, being away from all of my distractions at home.”

Along with being in the wilderness, Trails Carolina’s phase system has really helped Berto grow as a person.

“You get to learn about nature, that’s my favorite thing. Every Phase you learn something new. Phase two which focuses on respect was the hardest for me, but I’ve gotten through that phase and am doing well on phase three.”

When asked if he would recommend Trails Carolina to others who are struggling, he replied, “I think that people should come more often to Trails if they need help!”

We can help your son find himself, and learn to respect both himself and others through our wilderness therapy program. Please give us a call today at (800) 975-7303.