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      Wilderness Therapy for Families From DC

      Wilderness Therapy for DC Adolescents

      Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy provides adolescents from DC with the therapeutic help they need to work through emotional and behavioral struggles. Wilderness therapy for teens from DC allows for personal and emotional growth. Trails Carolina is not located in DC, however, it may be helpful for your teen to have some physical distance from home. By removing DC teens from their usual surroundings, wilderness therapy allows for DC adolescents to look inward and gain personal skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and accountability.

      Many wilderness therapy programs for teens from DC offer programming that combines outdoor and Wilderness TherapyDCadventure therapy with traditional therapeutic practices like individual and group therapy.  If parents are considering other therapeutic options like residential treatment centers, there is a wide range of evidence that supports wilderness therapy as a great alternative to residential treatment.

      Wilderness therapy programming has given many DC families the opportunity to repair their damaged relationship with their child. Trails Carolina wilderness therapy offers family-focused programming that includes weekly family therapy sessions, as well as family workshops.

      Adolescents from DC struggling with behavioral and emotional issues like depression, anger issues, substance experimentation, and defiance find the therapeutic help they need at Trails Carolina wilderness therapy.

      Trails Carolina wilderness therapy helps adolescents from DC find success. To speak with an expert about our program, please call 800-975-7303 today!
      Wilderness Therapy DC

      Who is Trails for?

      Trails Carolina helps teens seeking wilderness therapy who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
      – Defiant behavior/Oppositional Defiant Disorder
      – School refusal
      – Gaming and technology obsession
      – Social isolation
      – Attachment issues
      – Anxiety
      – Trauma
      – Family conflict
      – Depression
      – Manipulative behavior
      – Self-harm
      – Learning differences
      – Adoption issues
      – Low self-esteem
      – ADHD
      – Poor academic achievement

      Life Changing Wilderness Therapy for DC Teens at Trails Carolina

      Trails Carolina wilderness therapy offers top notch therapeutic programming for DC teens struggling with emotional and behavioral issues like substance experimentation, defiance, school refusal, and technology addiction. Unlike other wilderness therapy programs for teens from DC, Trails Carolina provides teens with the transitional skills they will need to become productive, successful individuals after they leave inpatient therapy. Wilderness Therapy DC

      Trails Carolina wilderness therapy encourages teens to take action against their negative behaviors. By providing a safe, nurturing environment for DC teens to work with expert therapists on developing coping tools designed to work through their struggles, Trails Carolina has helped hundreds of teens lead successful, happy lives long after they attend the program.

      During wilderness therapy, teens learn how to work well with their peers and develop a sense of accountability and respect for those around them. These skills allow for an effective transition after a DC teen leaves wilderness therapy. Wilderness therapy, such as the program offered at Trails Carolina, can completely change your struggling teen’s view of the world. Through a combination of family therapy, individual therapy, experiential therapy, and group therapy, Trails Carolina offers a top notch wilderness therapy program that can help your teen find success.


      Journal of Adolescent and Family Health: This journal contains a variety of studies related to wilderness therapy and other inpatient therapeutic programs. One study found that wilderness therapy greatly reduces an adolescent’s chances to return to destructive behaviors in their life. This is great news for any parent hoping to help their child find success.
      Psychology Today- Psychology Today has articles upon articles created for the purpose of helping people affected by mental health issues, including parents of struggling teens. Their articles are written by leading psychologists and experts in the mental health field who want to help people seeking more information about mental health and other fields of psychology.
      Wilderness Therapy DC

      Trails Carolina Wilderness Helps DC Families From

      Some examples of cities from DC which may have families who could use Trails Carolina: Washington
      Wilderness Therapy DC

      Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Helps Families From DC

      Trails Carolina helps DC families from cities and towns like Washington

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