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      Wilderness Therapy for Families From Arizona

      Trails Carolina wilderness therapy helps teens from Arizona heal

      When struggling teens from Arizona first come to Trails Carolina wilderness therapy, they may be resistant to the idea at first. Some level of apprehension is completely normal for teens in need of therapeutic help. Trails Carolina combines evidence-based therapeutic treatment techniques with the support of caring, nurturing experts to give struggling teens from Arizona the best care possible. As a member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), Trails Carolina offers the highest level of therapeutic care for struggling Arizona teens and their families.

      At Trails Carolina wilderness therapy, teens are placed in an environment where they are forced to interact with their peers and mentors. Away from the various ways teens escape from the world around them (i.e. social media, video games, and television), teens are able to focus on improving their behaviors and becoming more self aware.
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      Trails Carolina offers a unique approach to wilderness therapy with the following:

      • Family-focused therapy: At Trails Carolina, families from Arizona and all over the U.S. are provided a life-altering experience. The unparalleled attention paid to reconnecting families with their struggling teens is a truly special aspect of Trails Carolina wilderness therapy.
      • Transitional skills: After troubled teens leave Trails Carolina wilderness therapy, they can transition back home to Arizona smoothly because of the useful life skills learned during their time at Trails.
      • Expert staff: Many of our staff our specialized in specific fields of mental health in order to best help your child’s specific struggles.

      For more information about how Trails Carolina wilderness therapy can help your child from Alaska, please call 800-975-7303 today!

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      Who does Trails Carolina help?

      Trails Carolina helps teens seeking wilderness therapy who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
      – Family conflict
      – ADHD
      – Gaming and technology obsession
      – Manipulative behavior
      – Defiant behavior/Oppositional Defiant Disorder
      – Trauma
      – Learning differences
      – Poor academic achievement
      – Anxiety
      – Attachment issues
      – Adoption issues
      – Self-harm
      – Family conflict
      – Social isolation
      – School refusal
      – Self-harm

      Wilderness Therapy for Arizona Teens

      Trails Carolina is a leading wilderness therapy program for Arizona teens struggling to succeed due to  emotional or behavioral issues. Trails Carolina helps teens struggling with problems like depression, anxiety, defiance, substance experimentation, school refusal, technology addiction, and anger issues. Wilderness therapy helps Arizona teens work through their struggles by removing them from the distractions of everyday life and placing them in a healing, nurturing environment surrounded by therapeutic professionals.

      This removal from everyday life allows teens to become extremely focused on their own struggles, allowing them to make necessary changes to their behaviors.

      Although Trails Carolina wilderness therapy is not located in Arizona, the program is designed for teens across the country. Sending your child out of Arizona to get help for their struggles can be beneficial to your teen’s healing process. By physically removing your teen from the negative influences of peers and situations that may encourage your teen’s struggles to continue, your teen can take a close look at how their behaviors are affecting others and take steps to improve their overall mental health.

      Through a combination of expert, professional staff, family-focused programming, and evidence-based therapeutic offerings, Trails Carolina provides Arizona teens and their families with the therapeutic tools necessary for lasting change.

      For more information about how Trails Carolina wilderness therapy can help your child from Arizona, please call 800-975-7303 today!


      Psychology Today- Psychology Today has articles upon articles created for the purpose of helping people affected by mental health issues, including parents of struggling teens. Their articles are written by leading psychologists and experts in the mental health field who want to help people seeking more information about mental health and other fields of psychology.

      Your Little Professor: Your Little Professor provides a variety of information for parents seeking help for their troubled child. It also contains information about treatment options for struggling teens, including detailed information about wilderness therapy. Although the site is mainly focused on helping parents of children on the autism spectrum, Your Little Professor has a bit of information for parents of teens struggling with other emotional and behavioral issues such as substance use and depression.

      Trails Carolina helps teens and adolescents from Arizona cities like:

      • Paradise Valley
      • Carefree
      • Cave Creek
      • Rio Verde
      • Sedona
      • Scottsdale
      • Catalina Foothills
      • Fountain Hills
      • Tortolita
      • Tanque Verde
      • Phoenix
      • Tucson
      • Mesa
      • Chandler
      • Gilbert
      • Glendale
      • Scottsdale
      • Tempe
      • Peoria
      • Surprise
      • Yuma
      • Avondale
      • Goodyear
      • Flagstaff
      • Buckeye Town
      • Lake Havasu
      • Casa Grande

      Wilderness Therapy Alabama


      Wilderness Therapy Alabama

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