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Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Helping Texas Families

Summer Camps For Troubled Teens: Trails Carolina Can Help Your Texas Teen

Finding the best therapeutic solution to your child’s challenges can be a difficult and frustrating process. Sending your child to summer camps for troubled teens in Texas might be one of the more obvious options. However, you should seriously consider Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy. Trails Carolina offers all of the fun and excitement of a traditional summer camp in a therapeutic, healing setting.

Located in Western North Carolina, Trails Carolina has helped hundreds of teens from all over the United States, including Texas undergo lasting transformations. Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas

Sending your child away from home to receive therapeutic help can feel scary, but it’s often the best thing you can do for your child. Away from the environment which may have influenced emotional or behavioral challenges in the past, your child can focus on personal growth.

Why Send Your Child To Wilderness Therapy This Summer?

Summer time is often when teens act out the most. This is an ideal time for you to get your child the help they need. Wilderness therapy, unlike summer camps for Texas teens, can provide the dedicated attention and support that your teen needs to achieve lasting success. Here are some other reasons to consider wilderness therapy as an option for your teen this summer:

  • Healing power of nature: Being out in nature is well known to have healing powers. Out in a wilderness environment, teens experience the natural consequences of their actions and gain an awareness of the the ways in which their behaviors and actions affect others. Learn more about wilderness therapy>>> Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas
  • Expert staff: At a traditional summer camp, the staff is typically inexperienced. Our therapeutic, academic, and wilderness staff are highly trained and specialists in their field. Learn more about our expert staff>>>
  • Focus on transitions: Trails Carolina puts a heavy focus on ensuring that the behaviors and changes made during programming transfer successfully to everyday life long after your child leaves our program. Throughout their time at Trails, students cycle through a variety of settings – they may go from a wilderness environment to a traditional classroom setting to working with horses. Learn more about why transition programming helps ensure lasting success>>>


For more information about Trails Carolina and the ways in which we can help your teen from Texas achieve lasting success, please call 800-975-7303.
Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas

Who is Trails for?

Trails Carolina helps teens who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Social isolation
– Low self-esteem
– Trauma
– Manipulative behavior
– Family conflict
– Anxiety
– Depression
– School refusal
– Poor academic achievement
– Attachment issues
– Learning differences
– Defiant behavior/Oppositional Defiant Disorder
– Gaming and technology obsession
– Attachment issues
– Self-harm

Getting Help For Your Troubled Teen at Wilderness Therapy vs. Summer Camps

Are you looking for summer camps that help troubled or struggling teens? Although wilderness camps for for troubled Texas youth can be a fun way for your teen to spend the summer, they often do not offer the therapeutic assistance that your child may need to work through behavioral or emotional challenges. Trails Carolina Wilderness therapy is a great alternative to sending your child to summer camp this summer. Our program helps teens ages 10-17 from Texas and all over the United States achieve lasting success. Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas

Trails Carolina is located just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. We accept students from all over the country, including Texas. Often, parents are concerned about sending their child so far away from home. However, distance can be a good opportunity for your child to focus on their personal growth and for your family to regroup and refocus.

How can Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy help your teen?

Over the summer, teens are more likely to get up to trouble. With more free time and less supervision, this is the time that teens are more likely to get involved in risky behaviors. Sending your child to a therapeutic program that can help them make lasting changes is a great option. At Trails, we help instill lasting positive values and skills which carry over into the lives of students long after the summer ends.

Trails Carolina students leave our program feeling:

  • Empowered– At Trails, we help students break out of their shell and take part in activities they€™d never imagine themselves participating in such as bow drilling, backpacking, and mountaineering. Students feel empowered to experience growth and continue to grow and hone the new skills they’ve learned during these activities. Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas
  • Confident- The new skills teens acquire throughout their time at Trails helps improve their sense of confidence and self esteem. A lack of confidence and self esteem is often one of the most destructive elements to a teen’s sense of self and overall behavior. Boosting confidence can lead to better grades in school, better choice of friends, and better communication skills overall.
  • Responsible- Throughout their experience at Trails, students take part in relationship based therapeutic activities which help them better understand the ways in which their behaviors affect others. These activities help promote leadership and teamwork skills.

Learn more about the ways in which our therapeutic program can help your Texas teen achieve lasting success>>>


WebMD: WebMD is a popular online resource which provides information about local mental health resources as well as general information about mental health. With their symptom checker you can better understand what your child is struggling with. They have information about the best methods of getting help as well as hotlines that are available 24/7  in case of an emergency.
SAMHSA:  SAMHSA is an agency within the US Department of Health and Human Services which provides information about where to get help for behavioral health challenges. Their website contains countless articles describing a variety of areas within mental health such as substance use, behavioral health treatment, and underage drinking.
Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas

Trails Carolina Wilderness Helps Texas Families From

Some examples of cities from Texas which may have families who could use Trails Carolina: Houston San Antonio Dallas Austin Fort Worth El Paso Arlington Corpus Christi Plano Laredo Lubbock Garland Irving Amarillo Grand Prairie Brownsville McKinney Pasadena Frisco Mesquite McAllen Killeen Waco Carrollton Denton Midland Abilene Beaumont Odessa Round Rock Richardson Wichita Falls College Station Pearland Lewisville Tyler San Angelo League Allen Sugar Land Edinburg Mission Longview Bryan Baytown Pharr Missouri Temple Flower Mound town North Richland Hills New Braunfels Victoria Harlingen Conroe Cedar Park Mansfield Georgetown San Marcos Rowlett Pflugerville Port Arthur Euless DeSoto Grapevine
Summer Camps For Troubled Teens Texas

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Helps Families From Texas

Trails Carolina helps Texas families from cities and towns like Hunters Creek Village Highland Park Bunker Hill Village University Park Rollingwood Hedwig Village West University Place West Lake Hills Olmos Park Lost Creek

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