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Programs For Troubled Teens

Programs For Troubled Teens: Getting Help At Trails Carolina

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy is one of the most renowned programs for troubled teens in the nation. Parents hoping to get their son or daughter back on the right track in life choose Trails Carolina over other programs for troubled teens because of the comprehensive, evidence-based approach Trails Carolina takes to creating lasting change in teens. 

Throughout the program, students are able to develop and put into action transferable life skills such as respect, responsibility, and accountability. Every aspect of the program is designed to help ensure a smooth transition after graduation.

Students practice transitions throughout the program, which makes it easier for them to maintain the changes they’ve made throughout their time at Trails long after they leave. This is unique to Trails; not many programs for troubled teens put such a focus on what happens after a student leaves therapeutic care.

Trails helps adolescents ages 10-17 who are struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges such as defiance, anxiety, attachment issues, and low self esteem. Trails Carolina is beneficial to many struggling teens and their families because of our specifically designed programming which is:

  • Family-focused: One of features that makes Trails one of the most effective  programs for troubled teens is the focus we put on healing as a family unit. Weekly family therapy sessions, family seminars, and family workshops help ensure that everyone in the family is on board in the therapeutic process. It takes a lot of effort from the entire family to create lasting change for your struggling teen.
  • Individualized: Every aspect of our programming is personalized to each individual student’s needs. From the clinical attention that is paid to students to the academic programming tailor made to meet students where they are at in school, we make sure that each student is provided with what they need to be successful.
  • Multidisciplinary: Every member of our staff work together to provide the most well-rounded therapeutic and academic approach possible.
  • Accredited: Our academic program is fully accredited by AdvancEd. We are also licensed and accredited by CARF and the Department of Health and Human Services. In order to maintain these licenses and accreditations we must meet high standards of care and safety for students.
  • Results-driven: We utilize the feedback provided by families to constantly work towards creating the best experience for students and families. We also continuously conduct outcomes studies to determine how effective our programming is for families.

Why choose wilderness therapy over other programs for troubled teens?

Programs for troubled teens span a wide range of therapeutic modalities including residential treatment centers, boot camps, teen mental hospitals, and wilderness therapy. Wilderness therapy has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective forms of inpatient care for teens whose daily challenges impact their ability to lead successful lives.

At Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy, one of the leading programs for troubled teens, students are completely removed from the distractions of everyday life. Away from the home environment, where peers and other negative influences may have been the propagators of a destructive behavioral or emotional pattern, adolescents are able to focus on breaking these patterns in a structured healing setting.

Unlike other programs for troubled teens, wilderness therapy programs utilize the natural consequences of being out in the wilderness to help adolescents understand how their behaviors and emotions affect their success. For example, if a student refuses to help build a fire they may be cold.

Out in the wilderness, there is nobody to point the finger at when something doesn’t go the way an adolescent wants it to go.  They are completely in charge of their own behaviors. This learning experience transitions back to base camp where students continue to take part in exercises based around topics like responsibility and teamwork.

As humans, we crave a connection with the natural world. Trails Carolina utilizes this connection to create positive transformations amongst adolescents. Spending time in the outdoors has a healing effect that is unparalleled to any modern medicine. Trails Carolina combines the powerful healing qualities of nature with clinically advanced therapeutic programming to promote lasting change.

Your child does not need to continue to struggle with behavioral and/or emotional challenges. Trails Carolina may be able to help. Learn more about our program by calling toll-free at 800-975-7303. We are available 24/7 to help you find the best therapeutic help for your child.

Who benefits from programs for troubled teens?

Programs for troubled teens, such as Trails Carolina, help young people struggling with a variety of challenges. Depending on the program, these challenges may be severe or mild. Some programs for troubled teens are co-educational and others are single-gendered. At Trails, we accept young men and women between the ages of 10-17. Our program divides girls and boys into separate groups based on gender and age. Trails helps young people struggling with difficulties such as:

  • School Refusal: Trails helps young people who have avoided attending school. This can be due to fear, bullying, academic failure, and other struggles. 
  • Defiance: Trails helps adolescents struggling with Oppositional Defiant Disorder as well as defiant and disruptive behaviors, in general.
  • Depression: Teens struggling with mood disorders such as depression are provided with specialized assistance at Trails.
  • Attachment Issues: We help young people who struggle with attachment disorder due to neglect at a young age. This is usually found amongst adopted children.  
  • Technology addiction: Teens struggling with an addiction to smartphones, video games, social media, and other technology can find the help they need at Trails.
  • Trauma: If a teen has experienced a traumatic event and is showing signs of trauma, we can help.
  • Social isolation: Teens struggling to develop social skills and form meaningful relationships with family members and peers.


A recent study conducted by the University of Cambridge found that young people struggling with mental health challenges who found help at programs for troubled teens and other treatment methods are significantly less likely to suffer from clinical depression and other mental health issues.


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How Wilderness Therapy Works

Therapeutic Benefits of A Wilderness Therapy Program
Trails Carolina helps families from all over the country including:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii,
Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,
Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina,North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming