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    Young Adults Adventure Therapy

    Redefine Your Possibilities

    At Trails Carolina’s sister program, Trails Momentum, we recognize that struggling young adults and their families face unique challenges, different from those faced by adolescents. That is why Trails Momentum’s approach to inspiring change in young adults draws on a sense of community and adventure that helps shift the narrative about a young man or woman’s trajectory.

    Experience. Grow. Learn. 

    Trails Momentum is a co-ed adventure therapy-based therapeutic wilderness program offering students 18-25 a transformative opportunity to grow in the mountains of western North Carolina. Through a mix of adventure programming, clinical services, traditional education, service-learning, community living, and family programming we help students to learn and strengthen the vital skills they will use to achieve success in their day-to-day lives.

    “Redefine what is possible… create a future without limits”


    At Trails Momentum, we seek to partner with young adults ages 18-25 who are interested in:

    • Connecting with the wider world
    • Cultivating authentic relationships
    • Solidifying their individual identity
    • Engaging in learning, growth, and exciting new experiences
    • Strengthening the skills necessary to successfully embrace independence

    Trails Momentum’s clinical methods are most impactful with young adults struggling with:

    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Low self-esteem
    • Family issues
    • Adoption
    • School failure
    • ADHD
    • Technology obsession/dependence

    Young adults who attend Trails Momentum gain:

    • Clarity & perspective, free from the influences of their home
    • Support in navigating adult parent-child relationships
    • Deeper insight into their own values and sense of self
    • Optional high school completion or college credit
    • Ability to advocate for their own needs
    • Increased confidence in their abilities
    • Stronger communication skills
    • Ability to self regulate
    • Adventure skills
    • Culinary skills
    • Mindfulness

    Call Trails Momentum at 877-296-8711 for more Info. 
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