Admissions Process

    The entire admissions process can be completed in a few days. We are here to help every step of the way:

    1. Contact us to answer questions
    2. Complete Application
    3. Submit Enrollment Documents
    4. Prepare for Arrival
    5. Arrival Day
    6. Put your mind at ease


    Apply Now

    Here is a summary of our enrollment process into Trails Carolina

    STEP 1: Contact Us
    Please contact us Toll Free at 800-975-7303. We can learn more about your child’s specific needs and how Trails Carolina adventure based therapy can help. Or, you can fill out a form for More Info here and we will be in touch very soon.

    STEP 2: Complete Application
    It is crucial for us to understand what your child’s individual needs are and how they can best be supported. Our therapists specialize in a number of issues ranging from school refusal, depression, anxiety, family conflict, low self-esteem, substance abuse, and attachment disorders, to name a few.

    Our goal is to ensure the best placement for your child. Completion of this application doesn’t commit you to anything. Rather it helps to answer the most important question, “Is this the right place for my child?”

    You can find the application HERE

    STEP 3: Submit Enrollment Documents
    Before we can begin working with your child we need to have the appropriate documentation on file.
    You can access the Enrollment Documents HERE. You will be required to insert a password, so please contact the admissions department at 800-975-7303 once you are ready to complete these Enrollment Documents.

    STEP 4: Prepare for Arrival
    Our Admissions Team will work with your family on travel arrangements and airport selection. Please confirm with us before booking your travel plans. Trails Carolina is 1 hour away from the Asheville Regional Airport, 3 hours from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, 3 hours from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and 2 hours away from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

    We work with our students’ home school to successfully transition him/her to Trails Carolina and back home. Our personalized attention and experiential classroom environment enables students to focus on developing skills that will enable greater academic success back home.

    STEP 5: Student Arrival
    Your child’s schedule on the first day of admission consists of a physical, getting outfitted with clothing and gear, taking inventory of all items brought, and preparing to meet with the group.

    You can then expect a phone call with a general update on how your child is doing. In addition to this general update, the admissions counselor will inform you on when they can expect to hear from the therapist that has been assigned to work with the family. Therapists make every effort to reach out the family within 72 hours of the child’s arrival via email to schedule the first conference call..

    STEP 6: Rest a Little Easier…A Plan is in Place
    For most parents this is often the hardest part. This is a tough decision, but you have made the right one in choosing Trails Carolina’s adventure based therapy. Rest assured that with more than 100 years of experience, your child is in very capable hands. We take great pride in meeting each student where they are to make their wilderness experience here as effective as possible.