The Leading Wilderness Therapy Program

Founded in 2008, Trails Carolina was established to deliver upon a promise: that wilderness therapy combined with clinical excellence could deliver lasting, positive change for families. Our program is based on three foundational beliefs that guide everything we do:

A wilderness setting enhances the benefits of therapy

Lessons learned in this novel environment teach adaptability & resilience

Families benefit from involvement in the therapy process

Challenges Strengthen Skills

Guided by these beliefs, we’ve developed a multi-dimensional wilderness therapy program like no other. We utilize a challenging wilderness experience, clinical excellence, rigorous academics and a family-oriented approach to treatment that gets results.

Students are able to practice these skills across a variety of environments: wilderness expeditions, equine-assisted therapy, group work, and the classroom. Practicing these transitions in therapy makes it far easier to use these skills long after they leave Trails.

From our base campus to the wilderness, students are able to practice their newfound coping and transition skills. As they face and overcome these challenges, their perspective and behaviors change. They find new confidence and become the best version of themselves.

Why Choose Us

Between starting at Trails Carolina and one year after graduation, 84% of adopted students reported an improvement in social problems.

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Real-World Opportunities Create Better Outcomes

Resilience is built by reinforcing skills in a variety of environments. We help to aid this process by creating settings that range from equine therapy to more “real world” situations such as the classroom. Our therapeutic, wilderness and academic teams work together to identify teachable moments and broaden our perspective of the student to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Another key element of an effective transition into the home environment is having a family that is ready to heal and has the skills to reinforce the positive lessons developed by the student at Trails. With this in mind, our dedicated family therapist works closely with families to parallel the student’s Trails experience. We work together to address the behaviors your child is struggling with, empower you as a parent, and help everyone within the family to communicate more effectively and diffuse conflicts rather than escalating.

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